Tuesday, March 31, 2009

February Fun

This year for Valentine's Day we decided to do something a little different. Our kids (mostly the oldest) is always so excited for every holiday and has come to expect a day full of fun and gifts. We have made a decision to try to eliminate a lot of the extras and just try to make it a simple and fun holiday. So for Valentine's Day, I decided to send the kids on a scavenger hunt around the house. There were several clues that would lead them to different spots but before they could get their next clue they would have to give each other hugs or say something nice about each other, or in the picture below they were to hold hands to the next destination.... Valentine's is all about love... right!
They all had a blast finding all the clues. One of their favorites was running out to the mailbox to find a letter for them... They love getting their own mail.
At the end of the hunt, there was a poem and a box of donuts for them. I really think that they all had a great day and it turned out to be inexpensive, yet so much fun for them. We had a great day!

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