Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Mom, is the snake going to get daddy!"

I can't believe fall is here already, I miss the warm sunny days with the kids wanting to be outside all day. Now, the kids get off the bus, run home, flip on the tv and beg for hot chocolate. But there are also some great things about the fall season.

I love the drive up Provo Canyon on my way to my parents house. The autumn leaves are beautiful right now.

I love how everyone gets into the holiday spirit. It seems like October through December is just one party after another.

My kids love, love, love decorating for the holidays. They will make holiday pictures and tape them up all over my walls.

And I love the fall harvest. My garden got a late start this year, but it was so fun to see my garden grow. We had tomatos, green beans, squash, zuchinni and pumpkins. My kids even got into it and were so excited every time they discovered something new growing in the garden.

Who says you need to buy your kids a new drum set.

Brin celebrated her fourth birthday in September. She got a hand-me-down make-up set that is full of fun stuff.... It is now hidden and will only come out on very special occassions.
Brin is such a happy girl. She is such a tease but also so sweet and concerned with others.
A few weeks ago we went to a church meeting where the speaker was talking about the importance of reading the scriptures. He used an analogy of a snake, where he taught us that we need to stay away from the snake (sin). To help us stay safe we should read the scriptures nightly. As a family, we have set this as a new goal. Our little miss Brin now believes that if we miss a night of reading the scriptures a snake will get us.
Steve had a business trip recently and missed a night of reading the scriptures with us. As we begin our reading Brin stops and asks me "Mom, is the snake going to get daddy tonight?" She was way concerned and wouldn't stop worrying until I reassured her that he would read the scriptures on his own.

I guess fear is a good way to get kids to read the scriptures... Right.