Tuesday, June 8, 2010

California 2010

We finally found our way to Disneyland. I think our kids were at great ages to enjoy all the attractions and the characters. My family could not have been happier as we approached the park. They really had no expectations which made the day even better.

I was kind of thinking our kids would not really care much for all the characters... I could not have been more wrong. They would have rather met the characters than rode the rides.

One of the families favorite rides was the toy story mania. We had a blast shooting at all the targets... Even dad could appreciate a ride like this

Then there was the beach!
We decided to split up our days at disneyland with the beach in between. It worked out great. The kids LOVED the beach. Little miss Brin would not allow even one of her toes to get wet, but was as happy as could be playing in the sand.

Braden spent his days at the beach exploring every last inch of the beach and water. It was so entertaining to just watch his try to command the ocean to stay back, or to watch him try to outrun the waves. He seriously thought he was in his own little world.

Brook and her cousins spent HOURS in the water. The water was not that warm, but that did not stop these girls. They jumped over hundreds of waves. The next morning(s) Brook would wake up and say "Mom, my body is so sore... What do you think I did?"... Uh, I don't hunny?

Steve and I were not as ready and willing to jump right into the frigid water. But we still had a great time just enjoying the beauty of the ocean.

Isn't the beach a perfect place to get a little rest?

Our last day at Oceanside. We walked down to the beach first thing in the morning to gather some shells. We had such an amazing time. We hope we get the chance to go back again soon.