Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our new passion.... The Sip-n-slide!

With the weather being hot and the kids getting bored, Brook and her friend decided that it might be fun to try to sell some lemonade. They were determined to sit out there until they had a customer...(2 hours)... and the customer was me! It didn't take long, though, for them to realize how hot and thirsty this job made them. as you can see in the picture more lemonade was drunk than sold.

After attempting to earn some cash, the kids wanted to cool off on the sip-n-slide. We decided to try it on our front yard slope... and it was a hit! They were having so much fun that I just kept on thinking... "why didn't I think of doing this 2 months ago?"

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Summer fun!

We have had a summer full of fun! We have tried hard to cram in as many things as possible and I think, so far, we have done a pretty good job! Steve's side of the family all got together in St. George, where we spent the week swimming, golfing and playing with cousins. In the middle of the week, Braden had a birthday. All the cousins were very eager to join in on the fun.

Our big boy turns four-years-old! He had a blast spending his birthday with so many of his cousins. All he wanted to do on his birthday was "go swimming!"

Our kids could not get enough of the water! "Yes, I am four today!"
Brinley kept on stealing all the other kids toys and floaties! (that doesn't sound anything like Brin... does it.)

Summer Fun!

Brook had her dance recital in June, where she danced to the song "Itsy bitsy yellow polka-dot bikini". She definately is a performer. We have to bribe her a little, but if you tell Brook that you will buy her a treat if she smiles and does her best... she will not let you down. While she was dancing she did not stop smiling and did a great job at remembering the whole dance. After it was over, she did not let us forget our part of the bargin. We love watching her dance.
Before our family reunion with Steve's family we met up with Angie and her kiddo's (Sister in-law and cousins) at the zoo. The girls had a great time.

Every tuesday evening and Saturday morning you will find Steve and I at the t-ball field. Brook plays for the city of Lehi and Braden plays for Saratoga Springs. Lately, the kids games have been overlapping, so we have had to split up. We have had a blast watching these kids learn about the game. For the first few games, all the kids on the field would run after "every" ball whether it was near them or not. Then they would tackle each other to see who would end up with the ball. Other kids would hit the ball and instead of running to base, they would run after their own ball, pick it up, and take it to the base with them. We have had quite a few laughs.
Braden is the youngest on his team. The cut-off date was the week of his 4th birthday, so he barley made it. He was a little nervous at first but it has not taken long for him to get comfortable. Although there are several times when he gets a little bored and will sit down on the field and start picking the grass right in the middle of the game. One time he was playing second base, he decided to take a break so he sat down on the base. The ball was hit near him but he didn't budge. The player at first ran to second... he still didn't budge. He was just enjoying the cushion I guess.