Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back To School

I can't believe that all my kids are in school! Brook started school a couple of weeks ago and is loving every minute of it. She has a great teacher and was lucky enough to have some close friends end up in her class as well. She is always coming home from school with a smile on her face.

Braden started school last week and loves being able to ride the big bus. They have been reviewing colors this week, so he comes home with a new song everyday. The problem is, by the time he comes home he can't remember the song anymore and he expects me to know how it goes. He is always saying "oh c'mon mom, stop kidding me and tell me how it goes." ... he really won't believe me. I decided I need to have the teacher e-mail me a copy of all the songs so I can help him remember.

We decided to put Brin in a preschool class a couple of times a week. Her first day was this Tuesday. She had a great time. We had to get her all dressed up and find her a backpack, just like the other kids.
She had show and tell the first day, so I told her to go upstairs and pick out something to bring. She came down the stairs with half a dozen items that she was bringing to show her class. Hopefully her teacher didn't mind too much.
We have high hopes that preschool will help calm Brinley's sassy attitude.... Do you think it will work?
Brinley kept on making new poses for the pictures. "Mom, now take this one."

So now here I am wondering what I am going to do with my time. Maybe I will start blogging more but I wouldn't get your hopes up, I am pretty flaky when it comes to this blog thing. So far I have found plenty of things to do such as; exercise, read, update our budget, and sometimes I think about that I should go grocery shopping. Maybe I can start keeping my house cleaner... but I wouldn't get your hopes up on that either Steve... I'm not going to make any promises.