Friday, August 22, 2008

We just got back from our family trip to Island Park. We had a blast! We only wish we could have stayed longer. Here are a few pictures of our adventures.

Steve and the kids had never been to Yellowstone. We walked around through the geyers and even got to see Old Faithful.
We went through a passage in Yellowstone that was full of Buffalo. We spent a lot of time watching them.
I'm telling you, the buffalo were everywhere. They would just stop traffic and not let anyone pass. These two buffalo stayed in that position for at least a half an hour. I guess when you are in there territory, they are in charge.
We were able to see a few different waterfalls. They were beautiful! Here is a family picture of us at one of the tops of the falls.
And here we are again with the buffalo. This time the buffalo were right in front of us. We had a blast watching them... Until... they turned around and started coming right towards our car. Both Steve and I got a little nervous and all three kids were in the back just crying their eyes out. It played chicken with us for a long time just standing right in front of our van, starring us down. Finally it walked right next to the drivers side of the car and went on its way. By then we were all happy to be leaving the buffalo's territory.

At one of our picnic spots, the kids found this teeter-totter log. This is our kids with their cousins.
On the way home we stopped at two temples. This is the Rexburg, Idaho temple.
Here is our family infront of the Idaho Falls temple. The temple grounds were beautiful.

Usually it would take us 5 to 6 hours to get home from Yellowstone. We finally drove in our driveway 9 & 1/2 hours later. But we had a great time and are so thankful for this opportunity to spend time with our family.