Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Carribean Cruise

Steve and I just got back from an amazing trip, with my parents to the Southern Carribean. We went on a cruise which started in San Juan, Puerto Rico and went to five other islands including: St Thomas, St Kitts, Grenada, Bonaire and Aruba. We could not have asked for a better week. This first picture is of St Johns (as sister Island to St. Thomas) This is a beautiful spot called Trunk Bay where we went snorkeling. It was so fun to snorkel in such clear blue water. (for all you country fans...around the corner is Kenny Chesney's home)
Our second stop was St. Kitts. We decided to take a tour of the Island and were lucky enough to get a fun tour guide. He took us through the rain forest, where we saw tons of spider monkeys swinging in the trees and running across the road. We also stopped at a plantation that had beautiful trees and flowers growing everywhere.
Grenada was our next stop. We visited a couple of different waterfalls where Steve did not let me down, as he climed to the highest rock and dove into the water for all to see. He had everyone cheering. This island was so green and beautiful.
Everything was a baby blue color at Bonaire. The water was so blue and beautiful. This Island had the very best snorkeling. We went to a small Island nearby to snorkel. We were able to swim with a turtle and also saw some amazing coral and fish. Aruba was just as fun as the rest. We spent most of the day on a beach snorkeling and just enjoying the sun. While we were snorkeling, we found star fishes, sand dollars, an eel and a thousand fish. At times I got a little nervous with so many fish surrounding me. We had a great day.